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Best Audiobook Narration Services for Self-Published Authors

Perhaps some of your readers are also listeners. Increase your audience and reach by using expert audiobook narration services.

The book market is continually evolving. Readers and authors now have a distinctive way to consume and produce books thanks to the market's introduction of audiobooks. The market for audiobooks is substantial and keeps expanding every year, thanks to well-known audiobook platforms like Audible. By creating an audiobook version of their book, authors open up a new sales channel. The way that audiobooks can be consumed gives them a special audience. They are practical since people can listen to them while going about their daily lives, which is not possible with a hard copy or ebook. Wants to get the most out of your writing? Create an audiobook to go along with your print book if you're a self-published author.
Do you have a compelling story to share that you have published online? Wonderful! However, what if the people who need to hear still can't reach it at the right time? Make your content accessible to your audience in a dynamic way through Amazon self-publisher audiobooks.

  • Professional Narrators For Each Genre
  • Recording & Post-Production
  • Ready-To-Upload Audiobook Formats Aligned With The Publishing Standards
  • Effective Launch Plan & Distribution

Professional Narrators

Only pre-screened, experienced professional narrators with a track record of long-form narration are used by Royal Book Publisherss. There's no need to browse through countless amateur demonstrations. Renowned audiobook narrators that have had numerous books published in well-known media venues make up our talented and professional crew. Our audiobook performers take tremendous delight in their accomplishments and keep getting better with time. Here, it's simple to select the ideal voice talent to captivate your audience. Our audiobook narrators are from verified home recording studios and have been thoroughly screened and authorized as professionals. Every narrator has received the best performance and highest quality possible while staying within your budget, thanks to our in-house sound professionals.

Types of Narration

Our audiobook narrators make sure that consistency is maintained by continuously evaluating their prior narrations. The same pronunciations, narration style, and dialogue delivery are maintained throughout. Imagine that you have a fantastic concept for an audiobook but are unsure of how to narrate it such that the audience is captivated and engaged throughout. You don't need to be concerned. Hire one of our experienced audiobook narrators to complete your task at a reasonable cost. Our team of audiobook narrators is expert in various styles of narration as per the demand of your manuscript, be it Gilbert, Duet narration, Multicast, or Full-cast.

Broadcast-Quality Voice Recordings

Our voice actors are capable of producing flawless audio on their own. Get personalized auditions for your screenplay so you can hear each narrator's voice and delivery before choosing one. Each essential element that contributes to the greatest audiobook narration is understood by our very talented audiobook narrators, who incorporate it into their work. Our audiobook performers are skilled at maintaining consistency in both solo-voice narration and narrations with numerous voices. Their specialty is in using their expert narrating skills to leave a lasting impression on the listener. We continually review our earlier audios to make sure that the caliber is preserved as well as to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Narration Services for Authors & Individuals

Why limit your reach to readers with a readable published version of your book when you can target a larger audience with audiobooks? Listening is a captivating experience that has the power to improve your rank among other authors. Make your content available to more audiences by offering your content in the form of audiobooks. Our team of expert narrators consists of individuals with the perfect voices and tone to bring your book to life in unimaginable ways. Increase your readership by using the power of better reach and stronger influence with the help of an audiobook. Make it accessible to more people for increased success and exposure for more projects right away.

Narration Services for Business

A published book is no doubt the best way to convey information to your audience, but it’s time to expand your offering to an audiobook. Want your audience to learn about your business and product through content? You have come to the right place. We have the power of voice to help your content get the attention of the audience. Reach more people and create new revenue streams by stepping into the audiobook market right now. Worried if your book can make it? Our audiobook services serve as a stepping stone in your journey. Be it self-help, business, finance, health, or something else, we have got your back. Tap into a new demographic to increase your reach and level up your business right away!

Narration Services for Personal Brand

Each reader counts when it comes to increasing your personal brand’s reach. Getting your book in the hands of your readers isn’t the only option now. This time, get your books into the ears of your readers by using our audiobook narration services. We provide audiobook narration services for new and existing content. Reach a bigger audience with the help of our team of vetted narrators to increase your engagement, generating more leads and increasing sales. Our audiobook services serve as a bridge to success in your journey. We have your back, whether it's for self-help, business, finance, health, or anything else. Increase your reach and immediately elevate your personal brand by tapping into a new demographic right away!

Audiobook publishing

You'll have an opportunity to listen to the audiobook yourself once the recording is finished. If further pickups are found to be necessary, we'll schedule those and remaster them as well. Our friends handle the publishing for widespread distribution on more than 50 platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Apple Books, Audible, and Amazon. For authors who have previously created an audiobook version of their work and have audiobook files that are ready to upload and adhere to publication standards. We will guarantee correctness and integrity across all platforms after the upload is finished.

Excellent Customer Support

One project at a time, we strive to make your stay with us as easygoing and stress-free as we can since your success is our success. If you need assistance, get in touch with us, and we'll make every effort to make you pleased. Not only do our clients praise us. Quality is never compromised by us. We concentrate on offering high-quality recordings quickly and at a reasonable cost. We have a Trustpilot average rating and a Clutch rating of 4.9. Our employees enjoy working with us as well, so you get an all-around superior service.

Voice That Inspires

Help your readers to imagine your story better with our audiobook narration services

Feedback from Our Valued Clients

They did an incredible job with my audiobook. The narrator's voice was captivating, and the production quality was top-notch. I couldn't be happier with the result; feels like they really care about the customers. Thank you, Guys!

Sarah Thompson

Service Availed- Audiobook

I needed a professional website to showcase my work, and they delivered exactly what I wanted. The design is sleek, user-friendly, and perfectly represents my brand. I am so impressed with the level of customer care I have received from them. Highly recommend their website services!

Michael Carter

Service Availed- Author Website

Royal Book Publishers provided meticulous editing services for my manuscript. Their attention to detail and suggestions greatly improved the overall quality of my book. I'm grateful for their expertise and dedication.

Emma Johnson

Service Availed- Editing

They transformed my book into a visually stunning masterpiece. The formatting and cover design captured the essence of my story and attracted readers' attention. I'm thrilled with the result! I would definitely recommend them to others!

James Anderson

Service Availed- Formatting and Cover Design

Their marketing services are exceptional. They created a comprehensive marketing plan, executed targeted campaigns, and helped me reach a wider audience. Their expertise was instrumental in boosting my book's visibility. They are true marketing Gurus!

Olivia Bennett

Service Availed- Marketing

I was searching for a good source for my book’s trailer and finally got one. Thanks to Royal Book Publishers, my book now has a captivating trailer. The video perfectly captures the essence of my story, leaving viewers eager to dive into the book. It's a powerful marketing tool!

Benjamin Scott

Service Availed- Book Trailer

Their ghostwriting services brought my story to life. The writer understood my vision and seamlessly translated it into captivating prose. Their creativity and skill made the writing process enjoyable and stress-free. These guys are great to work with from the initial stage to project completion!

Lily Robert

Service Availed- Ghostwriting

Royal Book Publishers made the publishing process for my book smooth and seamless. From formatting to distribution, they handled every aspect with professionalism and care. I'm grateful for their expertise and support on this journey. Would highly recommend it to the authors in the making!

Christopher Moore

Service Availed- Publishing
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Getting Your Messages Delivered To Every Ear

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