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Become a Best-selling Author

Ignite Your Writing Journey with our comprehensive book-writing services. From ghostwriting to editing, proofreading, book publishing, printing, and marketing, we bring your story to life. With our experienced professionals and tailored approach, your book is in trusted hands, destined to captivate readers and soar to new heights.



Have a brilliant book idea waiting to be transformed into a bestseller? Share it with us; our creative writers will shape your concept into a captivating masterpiece. From research and plot expansion to outlining, drafting, revising, and editing, we'll guide your manuscript to publication. We are experts in various genres, including self-help, fiction, and non-fiction. We understand that writing a book can be daunting, but don't let your idea fade away - collaborate with our professional ghostwriters and bring your book to life today!


Book Editing

Refine Your Masterpiece with Precision! Congratulations on completing your first draft! Unsure how to polish it for publication? Discover the power of our exclusive editing service to transform your sentences into flawless, captivating book. Email us your manuscript, and our expert book editors will provide insightful recommendations, diligently edit your draft while honoring your work, and thoroughly proofread it for a polished final product. With expertise in copy editing, line editing, developmental editing, and proofreading, our experienced editors are ready to bring out the best in your work. Don't wait any longer. Share your manuscript with us today, and let the editing journey begin!


Book Formatting

Ready to Present Your Manuscript to the World? Congratulations on reaching the final stage! If you're stuck in the strenuous task of formatting it into a professionally written book, Take a moment to brainstorm ideas for your next masterpiece while our skilled designers tackle this time-consuming job for you. Share your manuscript, and our formatting experts will expertly handle page size, margins, font selection, alignment, word and line spacing, page numbering, and table of contents according to publishing standards. For an extra touch of inspiration, consider our interior design and captivating book cover options to inspire your readers.


Book Publishing

Finished writing, editing, and formatting your book? Congratulations! You are just a click away from becoming a self-published author. Email us your formatted manuscript for seamless self-publishing on popular platforms like Amazon, KDP, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, Apple iBook Store, IngramSpark, and Google Books. We'll assist you in selecting a captivating title, designing a custom book cover, formatting your manuscript to meet industry standards, crafting a professional book description, and creating an impactful book launch strategy. Hire a professional publisher, share your manuscript with us, and let's make your publishing dreams a reality today.


Book Printing

Want to see how your book looks in print? Order your first printed copies with us and get a physical look at your book. We offer a wide range of trim sizes, cover styles, and binding options to suit any book genre and budget. Make the wise decision to order your first copy to ensure the formatting is perfect before reaching your readers. We are a professional print-on-demand publisher that can help you print your books today. Share your manuscript with us and get started!


Book Marketing

Are you a published author? Congratulations on being a published author! Share your book details with us, and our expert marketing consultant will craft a powerful marketing strategy to connect your book directly with readers worldwide, skyrocketing your royalties. Transform your book from shelf-sitter to chart-topper through effective planning, meticulous organization, and consistent action—our resources are at your disposal. Whether it's book marketing tips, captivating back cover text, persuasive marketing copy, or optimizing your Amazon book listing, we've got you covered. Hire an experienced marketing consultant, share your published book with us, and witness a surge in your book sales today.


The Genre Masters

We play with all genres. You are at the place where Boundaries Fade, Imagination Soars, and Limitless Possibilities Await Your Literary Journey.


From Brief to Brilliance - Our Seamless Process

Transforming ideas into published books can be complex, but we're here to simplify it. Our team of experts offers comprehensive support from beginning to end, ensuring a seamless journey for your book.

Sign Up

Connect with our team to access the services you need. Our dedicated project manager will approach you to understand your needs and guide you through a simple form submission process.

Thorough Research

Our skilled professionals conduct extensive research based on your project details, laying a solid foundation for the work ahead.

Outline Creation

An expert writer is assigned to craft a compelling outline for your book. We'll share it with you for approval, ensuring it aligns with your vision.

Initial Drafting

Once you approve the outline, our talented ghostwriters and editors diligently craft or refine each chapter with your input.

Timely Delivery

We deliver each chapter promptly on the agreed-upon dates. After your approval, we will move forward to the next chapter, ensuring a smooth progression.

Revision & Finalization

We value your feedback and offer revisions as needed throughout the process. If any changes are requested after the completion of your book, our writers will incorporate them before sending it for finalization.

Go Global; Reach Millions

We make it easy to publish your book on all the top platforms, including Amazon, KDP, Barnes & Noble, Google Books, Kobo, Ingram Spark, and Apple iBooks. Get your book in front of millions of readers now!

Vault of Our Bestsellers

Your book is our pride, a testament to our expertise. We have earned the trust of thousands of clients, transforming their author journeys into remarkable success stories. You gain access to a vault filled with best-sellers by entrusting us with your writing dreams.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are committed to your complete satisfaction. Whether it's eBook conversion, book formatting, cover design, or print quality, we'll go the extra mile until you're delighted. That's our commitment to publishing excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stuck with your book idea? Manuscript in need of a fix? Puzzled about publishing? Find clarity with our frequently asked questions. If you don't find what you seek, a simple call connects you with our guiding hand.

Ghostwriters possess versatile writing skills and can help expand your brand's reach and online presence efficiently. Professionally written books contribute to increased sales and revenue. With full copyright ownership, you retain complete credit and profits from your book.
Self-publishing allows authors to independently publish their work online without involving traditional publishers. It grants you complete control over publishing decisions, costs, and royalty profits. This centuries-old method has evolved into a thriving industry, enabling authors to maintain autonomy and market their books through self-publishing platforms as intended.
Our ghostwriter services cater to your unique voice and book. While adhering to standard elements, our team assists with research, planning, drafting, editing, and publishing. Through email correspondence, research, and revisions, ghostwriters create and refine your content. Royal Book Publishers conducts in-depth research, on-site visits, and face-to-face interviews, customizing our approach to your requirements, timeline, and publishing objectives.
We offer affordable, personalized ghostwriting packages tailored to each unique project. Our comprehensive packages include manuscript writing, senior editor review, copy editing, synopsis creation, a list of literary agencies for pitching, and publishing consultation. The average cost of self-publishing is approximately $2,000. If you have budgetary constraints, fill out our contact form, and we'll make your author journey affordable.
Your identity can remain anonymous to your ghostwriter or editor. We customize and schedule the process according to your preferences. Clients commonly communicate with their ghostwriters or editors through regular phone calls or email exchanges. In-person meetings with your ghostwriter or editor are also an option. We ensure a seamless and personalized experience.
Ghostwriters are proficient in various writing projects, including fiction and nonfiction books, memoirs, articles, biographies, speeches, comic books, self-help books, academic works, and informative essays. Our writers excel in various writing styles and offer comprehensive ghostwriting services to meet your needs.
You will retain full ownership of the copyrights when you publish a book through our services. We respect and uphold the rights of our authors, ensuring that you maintain control over your intellectual property.
As the author, you will be the owner of the book. We act as a service provider, assisting you with the publishing process, but the book remains your creation, and you maintain ownership of the content and intellectual property.

Your All-In-One Ghostwriting Solution

We value your ideas and ensure they're expressed just the way you envision. Don't risk compromising your thoughts. Trust us to handle your ghostwriting needs. Our writers, editors, and publishers collaborate to deliver impeccable projects, meeting every requirement and deadline.

Feedback from Our Valued Clients

They did an incredible job with my audiobook. The narrator's voice was captivating, and the production quality was top-notch. I couldn't be happier with the result; feels like they really care about the customers. Thank you, Guys!

Sarah Thompson

Service Availed- Audiobook

I needed a professional website to showcase my work, and they delivered exactly what I wanted. The design is sleek, user-friendly, and perfectly represents my brand. I am so impressed with the level of customer care I have received from them. Highly recommend their website services!

Michael Carter

Service Availed- Author Website

Royal Book Publishers provided meticulous editing services for my manuscript. Their attention to detail and suggestions greatly improved the overall quality of my book. I'm grateful for their expertise and dedication.

Emma Johnson

Service Availed- Editing

They transformed my book into a visually stunning masterpiece. The formatting and cover design captured the essence of my story and attracted readers' attention. I'm thrilled with the result! I would definitely recommend them to others!

James Anderson

Service Availed- Formatting and Cover Design

Their marketing services are exceptional. They created a comprehensive marketing plan, executed targeted campaigns, and helped me reach a wider audience. Their expertise was instrumental in boosting my book's visibility. They are true marketing Gurus!

Olivia Bennett

Service Availed- Marketing

I was searching for a good source for my book’s trailer and finally got one. Thanks to Royal Book Publishers, my book now has a captivating trailer. The video perfectly captures the essence of my story, leaving viewers eager to dive into the book. It's a powerful marketing tool!

Benjamin Scott

Service Availed- Book Trailer

Their ghostwriting services brought my story to life. The writer understood my vision and seamlessly translated it into captivating prose. Their creativity and skill made the writing process enjoyable and stress-free. These guys are great to work with from the initial stage to project completion!

Lily Robert

Service Availed- Ghostwriting

Royal Book Publishers made the publishing process for my book smooth and seamless. From formatting to distribution, they handled every aspect with professionalism and care. I'm grateful for their expertise and support on this journey. Would highly recommend it to the authors in the making!

Christopher Moore

Service Availed- Publishing
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